Crucial Moments from the Life of Dubai Ruler Gets Disclosed In a New Autobiography

The early years of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid can be traced down from a recent autobiography. The autobiography takes down his journey of Rashid from a young Royal to the post of a Prime Minister, from Vice President and finally as Dubai’s Ruler.

  • His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum stated that he has observed the endorsing of the Union in 1971, and he is also a proof of the moment when his father, Sheikh Rashid, refused to accept the chance to become UAE’s first President, demanding that Sheikh Zayed should head the newly formed country.

  • Secondly, he even negotiated with the hijackers of Japan Airlines Flight 404 after it was diverted to the emirates. During the 1970’s many hijacking of airplanes was taking place by terrorist groups. Hence, before the airplane reached Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed ensured steps were taken to deal with the hijackers.  He even negotiated with Lufthansa Flight 181 that was also hijacked.
  • Sheikh Mohammad also recounted his love for Nature and the simple desert life. He even told that his father taught him the way to live in the desert and the way to remain protected in a desert environment. Hence, he tries to preserve the desert life and also its tradition.
  • Sheikh Mohammad in his autobiography also narrates his berserk trip to Tripoli and the warm reception that he was given by the local community. On learning about his presence, people of Tripoli surrounded his car. After some time he felt like he was lifted from the ground.
  • His Highness Sheikh Rashid recounts of another incident when tourism was embraced. During the 1990, Dubai International Airport handled around 4.3 million passengers. Last year, 90 million passengers used the transport hub. However, the city also hosted the famous Chess Olympiad and golf tournaments.

There are many more such interesting incidences that His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid have shared in his autobiography. Going through the history would be simply amazing for the people of the UAE.