Creative workshops for Sharjah Girl Guides Brownies

SHARJAH, 8th October, 2018 (WAM) — The greatest achievement of the Sharjah Girl Guides must be its capability to plant the seeds of innovation in the minds of children.

This month has been educational, inspiring, and filled with creative fun for Brownies (girls aged 7 to 11) at the Sharjah Girl Guides. In their relentless efforts to raise strong-minded and self-reliant girls, September was lined with activities from robotics, soap and candle-making, to a little chef’s programme.

In the first workshop, the brownies were asked to design their own functioning robots and gadgets. They had to sift through recycling ‘junk’ materials around and assembling them into fully operational robots. They learnt how to code simple functions to control the hardware and compete with fellow students once the final robot was prepared. This programme enabled children to use Arduino, electronic sensors, code, and learn concepts of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics). Little brownies found inventors within themselves.

“It is essential for children to learn about concepts that are relevant in our fast-paced world. Learning to code is one of the key skills that should be taught to children, just as they take up swimming lessons. The workshop allows every child to become code-aware-human-beings and that is the main reason why there are robotics workshops. It is an excellent way to integrate fun and education. Other workshops this month, also seek to instil creativity and the art of creating things themselves,” said Shaikha Abdulaziz Al Shamsi, Manager of SGG.

The next workshop was for the brownies to understand the process of making soaps and candles. As adults, we consistently think of ways to reduce consumption, but as brownies, they are learning how. The girls got an insight on how to make simple things like soaps and candles in a fun and interactive manner.

The final workshop of the month was the ‘Little Chef’ programme. Apart from building robots, and making soap and candles, the brownies know how to bake as well. Exuberant faces were witnessed across the room when they were learning the types of cookie dough, measuring ingredients, and cleaning up the kitchen, post the baking.