At the COP24 UAE Shares Ideas to Cope with Adverse Climate Changes

At the recent conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, UNFCCC held in Poland; the UAE’s Minister of Climate Change and Environment Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi pointed out the need to accelerate the measures taken to combat abnormal climatic changes.

The conference saw the participation of delegates belonging to more than 190 global counties who accumulated to decide on legislation required for implementing climate change. In this conference, Al Zeyoudi firstly pointed out the challenges faced, discussed problems leading to climatic change and ways to mitigate it.

He claimed the experimentation using models have proven beneficial in somewhat curtaining global warming. Further, he stated that the globe needs to implement more money on projects involving clean and renewable energy.

Currently, the UAE is working alongside its UAE vision 2021 which is aiming to improve sustainability. In this plan, the UAE is also implementing its energy 2050 that is working to bring 50% clean energy for boosting substance. Additionally, UAE to ensure the success is currently working to establish the world’s largest solar plant in Abu Dhabi. This project is financed at a capital cost of AED3.2 billion.

Apart from these, the UAE is also utilizing the UAE-Caribbean Renewable Energy Fund, to ensure more renewable energy projects which help counter the levels of Carbon Monoxide emissions in the Caribbean, reducing global warming in the seas.]

Further, by confirming UAE’s part in curbing global warming, Al Zeyoudi mentions how each year the world is facing more storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, and cyclones along with increased forest fires. All this is a sign that Nature is at its limit and it is only a matter of time that a global catastrophe hits. Hence, he urged every individual present at the COP24 to take measures to mitigate adverse climatic changes.