Ban Ki-moon would be teaching Diplomacy, Sustainability to the Children in UAE

Ban Ki-moon – the former secretary-general of the UN and one of the world’s most respected leaders – has been mentioned as the official Ambassador for the Model United Nations (MUN) at GEMS World Academy schools. Due to this position, he would be sharing his acumen and expertise with the students of the school in the UAE.

Devised to shape the youth’s view of the world, MUN is an educational simulation activities in which student’s learn about diplomacy, international relations and the UN. The South Korean statesman would be the school’s MUN ambassador for three years.

Ban, who is also the co-chair of the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens stated that it is crucial that today’s youth take on liability for the world where one lives in from an early educational platform, and it is important that educators entitle students to discuss about matters such as the environment and sustainability so that the unfavourable effects can be limited on the future generations. In collaborating with GEMS Education, one would be able to reach a far-reaching audience to introduce change for the betterment of humankind.

Ban would be invited to open MUN’s forthcoming annual conference, where GEMS World Academy.

Sunny Varkey, founder and chairman of GEMS Education, stated that Ban Ki-moon is a true statesman who has impressed the world with his diplomatic skills and his decisive stance on a variety of pressing issues faced by humanity. The students would have a great chance to take notes from such a great figure.

Ban has also acceded to donate towards the Global Education Skills Forum, the annual event in Dubai, which brings together leaders from the public, private and social sectors from all over the world and reach a climax with the Varkey Foundation’s $1-million Global Teacher Prize.