AI Lab Opened By the Ministry Of UAE for the Residents to Check Air Quality

An artificial intelligence lab has been opened by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment of UAE that will enable all the residents to check the quality of the air across every corner of the country. The lab also can predict and monitors the air quality by displaying readings that are instant. It can also calculate forecasts of the air quality index too. Director of the green development department at the ministry, Aisha Al Abdooli, said that the system which is monitored by a satellite will enable the authorities to get real-time data and also to identify sources of air pollutants in advance for up to three days.

The system enables the authorities to take immediate action against the air quality change as it gives exact and accurate data. It also enables them to send early warnings to the public if they can detect that the rate of dust will be higher in the air especially for those who have allergies or bad respiratory conditions. They can avoid themselves to go out or some time. The system also displays pollutant values that are color coded so that the information can be understood by the public easily. For example, the green denotes that the air is clean and the quality is also good.

Aisha Al Abdooli also stressed that the system is now available on the smart app of the ministry and it can also detect dust storms. But only the relevant authorities are made aware of the fact so that they can take necessary preparation for that. It can measure concentrations of nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, and most importantly particulate matter in advance for three days ranging from 0 to 500.