AI Data Are the Backbone of UAE’s Future Economy

Omar bin Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, emphasized that the data sector will undoubtedly assist the future of the UAE’s economy, as the dependence on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and this technology is on the rise. Thus, make it a base for many important activities of future societies. Bolstering investment in this promptly progressing global economic sector forms a part of UAE’s plans to commemorate the export of the last barrel of oil in 50 years.

Al Olama stated that the UAE government is working to execute its future strategic goals. It is seeking to make use of the AI sector as the principle source of a varied and tenable knowledge economy. Bolstering assistance from all parties and involving them in the development of performance in the government services and the private sector. This adds to attaining the goals of the UAE Vision 2021, and the institution of a future model of the UAE 2071.

The statement made by the Minister came during the fourth meeting of the UAE Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Council, introduced by Ajman. The meeting was lead by Al Olama, in the attendance of various officials and directors from the federal and local government entities.

The agenda of the meeting was to cover crucial challenges and order projected for standardizing data collection by the Data Committee within the Council. These consists of preparing a skilful human resources, developing a unified database, and defining the standards of data classification, as well as the system of engineering efforts and the exchange of experiences between various entities by setting up a joint team.

Development of cybersecurity and risk management infrastructure within the UAE, were also proposed during the meeting in order to remain abreast of the challenges of electronic security and also creating awareness on this matter.

Council members also inspected the Ajman Digital Heroes Programme, the first of its kind in the UAE. The Programme is one of the top concerns of the digital government to arrange and develop human resources in the Emirate in modern technology. The Programme would consist of four courses: Renewable Energy, Artificial Intelligence, Electronics, and Robotics.