Accelerating Climatic Actions to be Primary Concern at Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week

The Abu Dhabi sustainability that is also one of the most prestigious sustainability gatherings around the world is addressing its ninth edition this year. They will primarily address issues that are associated with the rapid climatic changes and also way of accelerating sustainable development. The theme of the ninth edition Abu Dhabi Sustainability week is ‘Industry Convergence: Accelerating Sustainable Development’.

The event is taking place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre between 12th and 19th of January, 2019. The event is likely to attract at least 175 nations to participate in it. It will also include the head of the nations, governments of the respective countries along with business tycoons and other senior experts.

This edition of the event has chosen sustainability as the primary subject that can be expanded. However the new inclusions are Climate change problems, energy, technologies, space and biotechnology along with future mobility. Additionally the digitalization and the youth will also run along all other pillars in the nation.

Dr Thani Ahmad Al ZEyoudi, the Minister of Climate Change and Environment said that the second edition of Climatic Innovation Exchange which enables the youth to work in innovating methods that can contribute in sustainability, is likely to receive $20 million of investments.

The Under Secretary at Abu Dhabi’s Department of Energy Mohammad Juma Rashid Bin Jarsh Al Falasi said that the department is on the brink of developing the correct strategies for reducing the usage of oil and gas resources. The solar energy that is an important source of renewable energy is also the talk of the topic.

The Dubai leaders have expressed immense satisfaction of being able to host such a prestigious even consecutively for the ninth time. The previous year the event witnessed 38000 people who represented 175 countries. It also included 180 high profiled ministers and 300 speakers across the globe.