At Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week Young Women Told to Grab their Moment

Women are being motivated to contemplate a career in sustainability and renewable energy through training by female role models.

At the Women in Sustainability, Environment and Renewable Energy platform, held on 16th  January afternoon as part of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, female leaders sought to motivate other young women to play an crucial role in dealing with sustainability goals in the UAE.

Through the Wiser Pioneers Programme, which was declared last year and is currently working on its first recruits, 20 women aged between 20 and 30 has been offered advanced training and development targeted at authorizing participants.

The Masdar-supported action offered networking chances with sustainability experts and also workshops that helped to get an idea on the way to diminish the gender gap and attain key environmental goals.

Dr Lamya Fawwaz, director of Wiser programme stated that girls and young women need female role models in order to see women as confident leaders, and also in order to imagine themselves leading others. It was also stated that the crucial goal of Wiser, is to bring female leaders into the public attention and associate them with the community of inspiring young women.

In December, a decision to raise female representation in the Federal National Council was applauded by a UN body of women’s empowerment.

The transformation, due to come in to effect later this year, might witness the UAE getting placed in the list of top five countries for female representation.

Government plans are also in place to keep women in to top judiciary posts, diplomatic service, as well as across the labour market.

Sustainability is offering an unused area for female expertise. Sheikha Shamma bint Sultan Al Nahyan completed a master degree in sustainable leadership at Cambridge University in the UK.

Sheikha Shamma also stated that even though women get fewer funds from financial institutions, they are more prone to repay their arrears and spend their earnings on their family.