Abu Dhabi International Airport Is Upgrading Family-Oriented Facilities

In order to get ready for the busy summer travel season, Abu Dhabi Airports has started two new kids play areas and five suitably located baby changing rooms at Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH), further boosting its services to better make room for families travelling during the summer holidays.

The kids’ play area in Terminal 1 would consist of a cloud slide, an aeroplane on clouds which kids would be able to climb, and a baggage tug with a tunnel. Temporarily, the kids play area that is positioned in Terminal 3 comprises of an airplane on clouds, echoing the one in Terminal 1, a cloud tunnel, an air traffic control tower with a tunnel, a suitcase slide, and tires for climbing.

The new baby changing rooms are positioned in Terminals 1 and 3. In Terminal 3 there are a total of four baby changing rooms, two rooms are present in the Bus Gates Building, one changing room is located opposite to departure gate number 32, and another one is near the old bus gate number 28. On the other hand, in Terminal 1 the baby changing room is situated on the lower floor female restroom. The new changing rooms have been planned in a modern way that would easily allure children due to their colour pallets and characters.

Chief Operations Officer of Abu Dhabi Airports, Ahmed Al Shamisi, stated that the summer season is a favoured time for families to travel, and they are glad to invite parents and children to visit their new play areas and take benefit of the favourably located baby changing rooms across Terminals 1 and 3.