Abu Dhabi Approves App To Check Air Quality

The environment agency of Abu Dhabi has approved a free tracker app that would be measuring the amount of air pollution. It has recognized that the air pollution is a massive problem and requested the public to remain aware of the impact.

The Environment Agency- Abu Dhabi (EAD) stated that the application which has been dubbed as Plume Air Report, would allow residents to observe the air quality data on real-time basis and also 24 hours before. It would help the residents to learn about the air quality so that they can plan their outdoor activities accordingly.

On 6 th August, the reading on the app for Dubai showed ‘Excessive Pollution’; whereas the reading for Abu Dhabi showed ‘High Pollution’. Since last week, it has been reported that the air quality of the UAE was almost the same as some industrialized cities, such as Bangkok, Mumbai, and Beijing.

The EAD in a statement said that their goal of introducing this app is to make data more accessible to the community and also empower people to gain a better understanding of air quality. Currently, the app can measure pollution within the UAE from two mobile stations and 20 fixed points. All the data obtained is fed live to the Plume Air Report. It included readings for nitrogen dioxide, ozone, and particulate matters, like dust, sea spray, and ash.

While at 3.33 pm, Abu Dhabi recorded High Pollution and a Plume Air Quality Index (AQI) of 86. In comparison, Beijing’s Air Quality Index showed 105 at 3.35 UAE time. During the same time, Al Ain showed Very High Pollution along with an AQI reading of 102.

The application has been created by Plume Labs, is headquartered in Paris. The app is currently available in English and Arabic. Mr. Lacombe, the founder of Plume Labs stated that the placed where the app would be providing real-time data from the monitoring stations, can also provide a report of current conditions and make use of machine algorithms for providing a forecast. For other places, where the app doesn’t have any access to the monitoring stations, like in Dubai, the app would use concentrated data obtained from satellite based models.