At Abu Dhabi Airport, You Don’t Need To Worry About Your Luggage

If you are on a vacation and on reaching the airport, you find your baggage has been mishandled; your long-awaited holiday gets ruined. Well, it’s not going to be the case if you are in Abu Dhabi. At Abu Dhabi International Airport, your baggages are beautifully handled and the tracking bags option is helping in improved delivery. Top officials of the airport made this statement during the launch of the insight report by Sita, an IT provider of the air transport industry.

While the rate of global baggage mishandling is around 5.7 bags per 1,000 passengers over the last three years; Abu Dhabi International Airport brags of an extraordinary figure as it adopts technology.

Globally, tracking bags at check-in and while loading it into the aircraft has seen the delivery rate improve between 38 and 66%.

On an average, there are 50,000 to 55,000 bags tracked at Abu Dhabi International Airport, with around 60% bags are of transfer passengers. Even while transferring bags from one aircraft to another is a tough process, the airport does it in a proper manner. Al Otaiba cited that the airport is taking all steps to make a journey comfortable for passengers.

Abu Dhabi International Airport’s delivery time of the ‘first bag’ is 16 minutes and the last bag is 31 minutes.

Peter Drummond, Sita director of baggage stated that as the number of passengers and bags are increasing, more stress should be given on the latest technology to reduce the cases of mauled bags.

Drummond even stated that in 2018, 4.36 billion travelers checked in over 4.27 billion bags. More bags means more challenges. Everyone across the industry needs to embrace the latest technology, like tracking, to make the next big record in the rate of mishandled bags. Last year, Abu Dhabi International Airport handled 21.4 million passengers and 16.8 million bags.