The 9th Most Powerful Passport of the World Is the UAE Passport

Now one of the most powerful passports of the world is the UAE passport. It would now offer its citizens the ease of international traveling.

Dr Anwar Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs on 13th September tweeted that the UAE passport has been ranked at the 9th position in the Global Passport Index. Hence, UAE residents can enter 157 countries without a proper visa.

According to the current index, UAE citizens would be able to travel to 112 nations without visas and for 45 countries they would be eligible to get visas on arrival. Hence, for these 157 countries, prior visas won’t be needed for the UAE residents. However, citizens would be required to obtain prior visas for other 41 nations in the world.

The Passport Index is a popular interactive tool online that collects, displays, and ranks the passports of the world. Being a real-time global ranking toll of the passports of the world, it gets updated on a frequent basis depending on the new visa remission and changes. The index website stated that the policies get enforced from time to time.

During 2017, the UAE proclaimed that their desire is to make their country’s passport as one among the five most powerful passports of the world by 2021. During the time of the announcement, the UAE passport enjoyed a visa-free score of 132 countries.

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that in their attempt to reach their vision 2021, their country is trying to strengthen its diplomatic efforts.

As per the latest Global Passport Index, Singapore ranks the top spot as citizens are able to travel to 166 countries even if they don’t have a prior visa. Many countries, such as Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Luxembourg, Norway, The Netherlands, South Korea, Finland, and the United States is enjoying the second spot as it allows their citizens to travel to 165 nations visa-free. The third place is being enjoyed by Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Greece Japan, Ireland and Canada, as the citizens can travel to 164 destinations of the world without visas.