65 Falcons Released As a Part of Shaikh Zayed Falcon Release Programme

This year, 65 Falcons have been released into the wild in Kazakhstan, as a part of Sheikh Zayed Falcon Release Programme, SZFRP. The announcement was made by the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD) on Monday.

Since the programme started in 1995, a total of 1920 birds have been released. The Falcons, 57 Peregrine and 8 Saker were released in the Karaganda region. In a statement, the agency stated that there is no evidence that the number of falcons in the wild is growing as part of Abu Dhabi’s efforts to conserve distinctive species of falcons, support environmental sustainability, etc.

The programme which is held under the aegis of President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan is now in its 24th consecutive year. However, this year also marks the 10th falcon release in Kazakhstan, and the EAD statement stated that the programme bolsters Abu Dhabi’s efforts to safeguard biodiversity.

Kazakhstan is an ideal location to release falcons because of the mountains and plains, which are located within the Falcons’ migration range, and because it is host to the prey vital for falcons to nurture and thrive. The birds are known to fly through China, Mongolia, Russia, and other neighbouring nations.

Satellite tracking data has also indicated that many of the Falcons released by the programme in the past have used the Karaganda region in past years.

Before the release of the Falcons in the wild, all 65 Falcons went through a complete range of medical exams and in-depth training. They were also inserted with microchips. Additionally, some birds were implanted with solar-powered satellite tracking devices, which would allow environmentalists to supervise the birds’ survival, propagation rates and migration routes.