More Than 1400 Yemenis Gets Benefited From ERC Relief in Fujair, Hadramout

Around 1400 people from the Al Fujair area in Trim district, Hadramout, profited from immediate relief aid provided by the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC). It was a part of the UAE’s stream plan to calm the suffering of the Yemeni people.

The premier charitable aid provider of the UAE dispersed the relief among those households in the districts who were eligible for it. The households have expressed their appreciation for the help. They stated that this relief would alleviate their suffering under the present situation that they are going through.

Mohammad Obaid Al Shamsi, who is a representative of ERC and working in Hadramout stated that the relief is coming because of the ongoing campaign by the UAE all over the remote areas or locations that don’t have the basic necessities of life.

The assistance for food started to pour from the beginning of the Year of Zayed 2018 throughout the Hadramout area. The relief was aimed for 10,000 households and for 50,000 locals.

The total aid provided by the UAE to Yemen has reached Dh 14.79 billion from 2015 April to 2018 September. The relief which was provided by the UAE initially was intended to help the Yemenis meet their basic needs. The aid was provided to more than 16.7 billion Yemenis, which included 10.1 million children and 3.4 million women. Moreover, this year the aid provided by the UAE amounted to $1.24 billion, among which some part of the aid was allotted for supporting the United Nations Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan (YHRP).